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Oxytocin Spray


The “Love” Hormone Medication Spray

If you’ve heard of Oxytocin, then you’re probably familiar with the idea of it being the “love” hormone. Well, at Body by AIM360, we’re firm believers in this idea! That’s exactly why we’ve crafted a prescription medication spray specifically designed to bring that idea to life. This comprehensive prescription medication spray is an important tool that you can use to improve your mood, to help you control your appetite, to help you increase your sexual desire, and even assist in supporting your weight loss goals. Thanks to this unique formula, you can gain control over your mood and ensure that you not only feel good, but that you look good too.

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The Features

Our Oxytocin Medication Spray is specifically designed to help each user improve their overall mood with a simple, easy to use prescription medication spray. Reaping the benefits of just a single hormone, we believe that you can take advantage of its properties to help bring your mood back into focus, so that you can feel happier, eat healthier, and perform better when the mood strikes. Sure, Oxytocin might be considered the “love” hormone, but that doesn’t just mean that it applies to others. In fact, we believe that our Oxytocin Spray will help you learn to love yourself in addition to others! With every use, you can rest assured knowing that you’re giving your emotional wellbeing the boost that it needs to feel good about the world, about others, and most importantly, about yourself.

The Ingredients

This simple formula uses just a single active ingredient to deliver powerful and impactful results designed to change your life. Oxytocin is an important hormone that our body uses to make us feel good inside – from our mood, to our sexual health, Oxytocin plays an integral role. With this single ingredient, you can take advantage of a world of benefits that include everything from improved sexual health, to weight loss. And don’t forget, you can even expect an improved mood day in and day out.

How to Use It

Take one intranasal spray pump in each nostril daily or per your healthcare practitioner’s instructions.

Get Your Prescription Today

In order to purchase Oxytocin medication spray, you must first have an initial online consultation with an integrative health practitioner.  The brief online phone or video chat consultation will include the review of your symptoms, health history and wellness goals. If you medically qualify for Oxytocin medication spray, you will have an account activated in our online store so you can purchase the medication.  Your prescription medication will be sent directly to you from a 503A or 503B certified compounding pharmacy. You should receive your medications within 3-5 business days from the pharmacy and you’ll also receive a phone call from our nurse on how to take your medications and to answer any questions you may have.

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Bottle of Oxytocin Spray


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