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Skin Acne Cream


Reduce Inflammation & Acne Cream

There’s a difference between looking your best and feeling your best. When it comes to skin acne, you might find products that can shield your symptoms, but you’ll always be worrying when and if those products begin to wear away, what will be left underneath? At Body by AIM360, we’ve got a powerful skin acne solution specifically designed to give you the best of both worlds. With a prescription medication cream that has the power to virtually eliminate signs of acne on your skin, you can rest assured that you can restore your skin to its true, natural beauty with every application. Our Skin Acne Medication Cream is more than just an acne cream, it’s an anti-aging skincare solution.

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The Features

Getting rid of facial acne isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. In fact, so many people struggle with it! For that very reason, we’ve worked hard to create a new prescription medication cream packed with a unique formula specifically designed to help reduce inflammation and mitigate redness in the skin with every application. You deserve to have bright, vibrant, and healthy skin, and that means helping you achieve the level of hydration that your skin craves on a daily basis to ensure that it remains moisturized and oil-free day in and day out.

Thanks to our powerful new prescription medication cream, you can instantly transform the look of your skin and ensure that all of those signs of acne virtually disappear, revealing the healthy, beautiful skin that lives underneath. Take control over your skin today with our Skin Acne Cream!

The Ingredients

At Body by AIM360, we’re firm believers that less is always more when it comes to the prescription medications that we offer. With that said, our Skin Acne Cream formula is based on just two tested, trusted, and proven ingredients that combine together to form a powerful anti-acne and anti-aging solution. Featuring a mixture of both Tretinoin and Hyaluronic Acid, our Skin Acne Cream contains all of the ingredients that you could ever need to ensure that your skin remains soft, smooth, and inflammation-free. 

How to Use It

Apply daily on face or per your healthcare practitioner’s instructions.

Get Your Prescription Today

In order to purchase Skin Acne medication cream, you must first have an initial online consultation with an integrative health practitioner.  The brief online phone or video chat consultation will include the review of your symptoms, health history and wellness goals. If you medically qualify for Skin Acne medication cream, you will have an account activated in our online store so you can purchase the medication.  Your prescription medication will be sent directly to you from a 503A or 503B certified compounding pharmacy. You should receive your medications within 3-5 business days from the pharmacy and you’ll also receive a phone call from our nurse on how to take your medications and to answer any questions you may have.

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Bottle of Tretinoin & Hyaluronic Acid Skin Acne Cream

*Disclaimer:  Body by AIM360 does not diagnose, cure or treat any medical conditions or diseases.  All medications prescribed support your body in nutrition optimization or weight management.  Before starting any diet or exercise program, talk to your doctor. The product bottle image and name are only for graphic illustrative and marketing purposes only.  The product bottle you’ll receive from the pharmacy will differ in look but will include the same active ingredients as listed in the product description.


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